Bring it on….

Bags packed, boots and gear in good nic, physically fantastic, mentally strong…I lie, still need a little work here.

NY, Zurich (best lasagna ever), Nairobi, Zanzibar and finally Kilimanjaro Saturday 1am ( Friday 5pm Florida time).

Most important I’ve got my music downloaded. Music is my soul, it interprets what I feel. I’m taking John Lennon Imagine, Blake Shelton Devil, Ellie Goulding, oneRepublic, Alicia Keys, Simon & Garfunkel The Boxer and many others that resonate many memories, Vivaldi Four Season, powerful for a powerful mountain….these are just a few.

Let me know what you are listening to, I’ll download and use when things get tough or to dance to, yes we do that on the mountain…..then, much needed music for those nights when the only light are the stars. Of course….much needed to keep you sane while traveling……thank goodness for music and books.

Shawn and Kevin….are you ready??? This is our climb, we will never forget what changed our world.


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    Thinking of YOU ALL the whole way! Thank you for taking US on your journey, celebrating the 49!

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