Bronwyn and I finally make it…..we arrived in Moshi, town at the foot of Kilimanjaro.  (MAK & BAK are our initials.)

I could not ask for a better travel companion than my daughter. Every time we would feel ourselves getting frustrated, tired or down we would remember the “why”…… we are alive, we have 49 reasons why we are doing this.

We have today and tomorrow to rest up. I was excited to see Freddie 1&2 and Ric today. They were and are again my guides, transportation and mentors. They to know why this climb is important.

Relaxed, savoring in the sights and sounds of wonderful Moshi, Kilimanjaro hidden by the clouds, you feel her intimidation lurking and waiting to swallow you up, this time however, I feel she has compassion and respect for 49 memories we will carry with us.