April is Parkinson’s Get Moving Month so, I thought it a good time to let you know my “progress.”  Yes, I have had some progression. However, in the grand scheme of life, I find my condition rather trivial. There are people whose effects are way worse than mine and quite frankly the world needs my attention on issues such as hunger, equality, anger……just writing those words rile me. My condition is inconsequential compared to those.

I am in awe and forever grateful for people like my daughter, Bronwyn, who quietly gets out in our community yet loudly honors those of us who deal with the daily inconvenience and pain from Parkinson’s.

So…..it’s official, my speech!!!! All I can say is thank goodness it’s my speech and not my hearing, not sure what I would do if I could not listen to music. Yes, I can still talk. It’s just, at random times, my brain does not connect with my speech muscles which makes words hard to pronounce. It’s quite funny actually….I hear the word in my mind perfectly….just can’t form it. Other than that, balance is good, right side tremors are on and off, handwriting again depends on my on/off switch. Shands movement disorder center gives their Parkinson’s patients cards to carry that say….”I’m not intoxicated I have Parkinson’s.” I’m beginning to see why!!!

Anyway, I’m not going to spend my time writing about my condition unless something radical happens, I would much rather continue to write about the Adventures of MAK & PD. 

This year, MAK & PD plan on finding a place in Asheville/Brevard, NC and build a writers domain overlooking a mountain. Luckily, I have a few architects from my past who I may call upon. 

I’m not planning on retiring yet….hey listen, I may have a few issues with movement, my brain however, is still quite stable. 

How could I possibly retire when I work with such talented people like Jasmine.

In September, MAK, PD, Matthew and  Bronwyn (I hope), will cycle 100miles in Maine to raise money for Michael J. Fox foundation.

My 2018 adventure with Embark Expeditions will most likely be Nepal or Patagonia. I will leave that up to Donovan to decide.

Currently, I am training to run a marathon. Seriously, there is nothing better than the feel of running. This morning was sheer bliss. My goal is to work hard at never allowing Parkinson’s to subtract more than I add….it’s a game of Arithmetic.

There you have it….the adventures continue, I hope you will continue to follow. I enjoy reading your comments.

PS…I did my very first spin class today. Might I say….I kicked ass, literally. It was pretty damn intense but loved every moment. Good training for the 100miles coming up…..thanks Matt!!