Bronwyn, please don’t be sad, I’m good and so is Tanya.
I saw your tears. I know you see the progression, the possibilities of what’s down the road for me, it’s a harsh reality…I know!
Tanya is a fighter. A lawyer, a wife, a mother, a model, a blogger, an athlete and a mighty advocate for Parkinson’s.  She fights the battle of getting up everyday and making her day as normal as possible. She took this on long before I did, she paved the way for me to fight.

Live Mighty

Tanya and I will travel this road in our own independent ways yet, we are united in one message….Please don’t feel sorry for us, get up and move, move quickly in finding a cure.
Keep supporting Tanya’s brilliant brain child,The Art of Fashion, continue to be with me on my wild and often dangerous adventures. You have the determination that moves mountains, literally ( think Kilimanjaro). You have the quiet passion that echoes loud and clear. You have the stamina of a marathon runner which you do so effortlessly. You have the presence and beauty that demand breathlessness. You have a laugh that is contagious. You understand the arithmetic of Parkinson’s, be relentless for us.
Life is wonderful…don’t waist time, do outrageous stuff, laugh a lot, be with the ones you love, be kind, give from your soul, listen to music, read and read more.
Have fun, like we had at the Art of Fashion, be cool with selfies, loose your inhibitions while trying to be sexy against a wall, think beyond the norm and safe expression, take quiet, alone time to embrace the moment. Listen, listen close to the message, don’t be sad, smile, remember…..Tanya and I carry an official card that says “I’m not intoxicated, I have Parkinson’s”…..that always cracks me up.

Live High, Live Mighty, Live Righteously ……all I ask of you, Bronwyn, is not to be sad, there is no time for that… high, live mighty, live for love!!! Listen to Jason Mraz Live High……you will understand.

Reflection of the moment.

Be your own hero.

Tanya, MAK & PD.

Enjoy the moments.

Do not accept the “norm”….. be expressive.