Thank you Ladies of Bougainvillea.


Funny how after I had spend 2 sessions at Gotham Writers Workshop in NYC I have gone through a total writers blurrrr…..nothing, zilch, blank. I would sit and just stare at the screen, nothing, zilch, blank.

I do believe however, that after a relaxing weekend at the beach with the intriguing, smart and most giving person I know….Michelle Hartog and her team, I have a different approach to writing. Talk about a team that ran the gambit of diverse personalities, ranging from mellow to scrape off the wall. I might say this mixture of personalities gave me the kick I needed to get back, stop staring at a blank screen and just write my thoughts as they flowed….so here I am……everyday is an adventure with MAK & PD. I am tired of writing about myself. Frankly, I need to get my shit together, I bore myself to tears, PD is my constant annoying companion and really does not deserve the time and effort I give it. I am going to write about the people I meet along my adventures. I have found that everyone has a mountain, some higher than others, some more difficult to climb than others, all with a story we can learn from.

So,,, there you have it. Yes, I continue to write my novel, my memoir and this blog. My tutor Jon at Gotham is incredible, a true “real life” inspiration… his memoir The Man Who Couldn’t Eat by Jon Reiner. His encouraging words of advise and honesty in believing in me, my story and writing capabilities (with a little help from him) he says, would make for intriguing reading.


I cant wait to introduce you to ……..ah yes, you’ll have to wait for the next blog…haha!!!!

The Ladies of Bougainvillea