Reclaimed Life

Nature, trees…..Earl has always been drawn to wood…the form, texture, color. Like an artist with paint wood is his medium. I am not sure when…you would have to ask him, it started with reclaimed wood and trees that had fallen victim to storms. Small bowls, very natural, organic to larger more intricate. Tables, cheese boards and kitchen counters.

Earl turned 60 this past September. As a result of stage 4 cancer it has been a hard climb through physical and mental pain. A man who lost his purpose found his Serengeti keeping true to his soul… artist with the purest of medium……reclaimed earth. An exceptional artist a kind and proud man.

For more information on his art or “Y” he does this please call Earl ( Dennis Earl Hiers jr) at 407 937-9206.

Discarded Couture.

Two of Earls newest pieces. As some of you know all his pieces he makes out of wood that have either fallen to storms or discarded from homes for one reason or another. Never purchased retail…they are truly recycled.

Each one comes with a story.

These two I called Discarded Couture. Both remind me of high fashion. One a rather night club, body forming sexual outfit the other more Edwardian with its high frilled collar.

Everyone of his pieces come with a natural flaw… humans, it’s ┬álife, it’s a story….celebrate our earth, respect its history, protect its future.


Wood: Wild Black Cherry.

Reclaimed from Tristan’s (son) back yard.


Wood: Spalted Oak.

Found discarded in woods.




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  1. Erica Mandel

    I love both pieces but especially love the first one that truly does look like it is a body forming outfit. I can not get over how talented Earl is and truly admire his talent and drive. You both have that sane drive and refuse to let life intimidate you. Bravo

  2. Wow…..two talented Good Passionate people in one family! Too much. Miss you Mak, my regards and best wishes to Earl.

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