Rise Above Them All

It’s a beautiful world as mad as it seems……everyone comes with a story. This was more clear to me than ever as Bronwyn and I sat on a restored weather beaten bench, excited but with trepidation waited our turn to have a small part of our body turned into a personal story….yes, our first tattoo.

I could not help eavesdropping on each customer…. trust me it was one continuous customer after another, who either came in with a picture on their phone, a personal drawing, picture from a magazine or a mere thought. Once again I learned every person has their own story or as I call it their own mountain. Each story is different. It could be a very personal story or a hushed secret. It could be an adventure which begs to be the storyteller. Then there is portrait of a friend or family member remembered and shared. The tattoo artists job is to keep that story alive. Be it a public story in view of spectators or semi-private where the owner invites quests to listen and view the story or it could quite possibly be a very private affair for owners view only.

I highly recommend the artists at www.riseabovetattoo.com. This was my first tattoo and for PD (Parkinson’s disease) not to cause interference is a huge indication that I was comfortable with the environment and trusted the artists and management. After all, remember I had eavesdropped on many customer/artist conversations to make a sound judgement and decision….actually PD was the most compelling decision maker.

Artist Shane Olds was cool, calm and handsome. I trusted him 100%. His suggestions came with knowledge and confidence…..I like that and his worked proved it. Travis Shuford,the manager was clearly engaged with both artist and customer. What was really cool, knowing our story he shared his story of his month long The Camino de Santiago hike and how it changed his life. Another lesson I learned….a long hair, tough, rough, tattoo covered dude has life passion and vulnerability to share his life changing adventure. Again…..never make judgement until you know the story.

For those of you wanting to know what category my tattoo falls under….”for exclusive invite viewing only.”

For those of you considering your first tattoo or time for another I highly recommend you to Rise Above.



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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and choosing us for your first tattoo.
    Many blessings and best of luck on your continued journey.

  2. You never cease to amaze me Mak!

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