Two Souls

Two wandering souls, one a young 36yr old,  the other a young 63yrs old……not many words shared. Both have the pulse of music flow to their souls…. silent to others but understood to each of them. There language is music. Words in music describe their inner organic feeling while the notes drive their passion. They are mother and son who share the intrigue of wandering the earth, music being their vehicle.

The Revivalists, a New Orleans rock band with a raspy, soul, jazz sound brought us to Central Park NYC. iPhones downloaded with several music apps, earphones and backpacks we set out on our journey. When there is conversation its about music, places and our place and effect on this earth. Both bothered with hatred in this world, politically frustrated and actively involved in eradicating hunger we use music to calm us, to inspire us and challenge us.

We have to Stand Up and Keep Going….two songs with words that we personally hold on to.

Three hours of rockin with The Revivalists in Central Park NYC was definitely a highlight adventure. Of course PD was part of that adventure, well behaved I might add as its usual response to music.

Not many words passed between Matthew and myself. We are comfortable with that, we are wanderers, music our language.

Please take time to listen to their songs.  Click below.

The Revivalists.


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