“Does a Body and Mind Good”

Homemade.      Authentic.      Nourishing.

How many times have you taken a bite of something “fresh” like a tomato and thought to yourself….”you know a tomato just does not taste like a tomato anymore”………Well, that will not happen at Dandelion Cafe.  I ordered the Portobello Sandwich, the minute I took a bite my taste buds came alive. Matthew had the Sweet Potato burrito which of course I had to taste….the taste and smell was pure Sweet Potato. The ginger beer was like my grandfather used to make…real ginger which warmly gripped the back of your throat.

I totally get it when they say…”You will find Energy surrounded by positive vibrations at Dandelion.

As many of you know PD (Parkinson’s Disease) and I are in a constant game of Arithmetic. PD subtracts, I always add…good healthy organic food is one of my constant additions.  It is a known fact that chemicals and PD are aligned. I believe in my case that excersise and eating healthy has slowed the progression down.

Dandelion provides that vital part to my game of PD Arithmetic.

Friendly people, quaint atmosphere, good vibe.

Yummy good for you food.

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  1. I can’t get past the Ginger Beer. A fave of mine.

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