Sept 9th. 4.30am.
Starting to feel like a war zone with sirens going off every five min warning about the onslaught of tornadoes and the summit of Irma approaching .
Funny how an approaching possible tragedy always fast forwards me into spewing out business ideas onto cyber -paper, into the minds and hands of people that would actually put them into action… gives me peace knowing that I , if anything happened would actually have had some inspiration given to others…. I would have value.
It also pushes the urgency of writing the novel  that seems to just sit lazily in my thoughts and many in a secret compartment only known to one other person…with instructions.
My kids… ahh… the guilt weighs heavy that I did not provide a normal traditional family upbringing…….uch!!!! Again the tornado sirens….my wish is that Bronwyn and Matthew remain connected throughout life and honestly more important to me than traditional, they remain the unique individuals they are and use that unique genuine quality towards unity, equality, empowerment and respect of this earths provisions.
Parkinson’s…..who and what? Try as I must… it’s pesty annoying character, like someone very dear to me so accurately described “a constant annoying puppy nipping at your heals looking for attention all the time”…indeed accurate and thanks a bunch. At times  this “situation” is quiet and comfortable, many times out of the blue extremely annoying then, times I cry privately in pain other times thinking of the future, alone, not wanting to have anyone endure the progressive symptoms this disease brings on. I will however, continue my game of Arithmetic which by the way I am the expert at….for now. Quite frankly I hardly even think about it…seriously, it really does not deserve the time.
Interesting how Irma has lifted that “leave me alone, don’t talk to me, just let me observe while I listen to my music ” behaviour of mine.
Although I am in the public eye…. work, causes etc I am extremely private. I prefer to get to know people under my terms. I tend towards more intellectual conversation rather than chatter. I do not like loud human environments, I rather have loud music in my ears or surround me, better still the loudness of water, thunder, lightening animal chatter, my favourite is the loud sound of quiet ….. you only experienced on a mountain.
That said… I have had extraordinary conversations with complete strangers in the most random places under interesting circumstances in the last few days.
Charlotte NC airport, midnight 9/7. Hippie out of the 60’s. lives in Lakeland, adventurer, …engineer, graduate of Princeton, loves reading, is a frank loyd wright groupy , in fact attended the college in Lakeland where FLW’s architecture dominates the campus. Hippie guy says even if ,as he did not know anything about FLW at that time, you know the buildings are different, they flow with your soul, they connect you to your environment. who knew that in Lakeland Florida the esteemed FLW legacy would live on. Anyway back to hippie dude…..son is a small jet mechanic for many celebrity/high profile jet owners…. also based in, yep… you got it Lakeland Florida. I am definitely beginning to like this “if you blink you missed it” ….”where the fuck is Lakeland ” place… got to go see FLW’s architecture… most definitely. Similar to my , never exchanged names friend I am of the hippie era.
12hours later 9/8…Macy;s Altamonte Florida…the encounter with a very angry , rightly so, young UPS driver, again never exchanged names, in this case probably a good thing. Then also experiencing the fun, engaging uniqueness of Amira while waiting for angry UPS rightly so, driver.
9/10….the endless wait, every hour seems a lifetime. It is quiet outside, not even the birds are out, the ever amusing squirrels, where are they? They also know and feel the calm before the storm. The conversations I have with my executive team are quiet, the only noise is in my head as I read the team chatter through text thread. I have learned what a fun, smart team that I have the privilege to work with.
Lights flickering, as dark sets in. We are ready to endure a night spent with Irma.
9/11…She sure was relentless. I will let the pictures speak her wrath.